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The first bike I ever owned was a 1970 metalflake blue Norton 750 Commando S bought when I was still in high school in 1971. I sold that one and bought another 1970 750 Commando S when I was in grad school in San Francisco back in 1977. I kept that one until my house burned down in 1991 (the Norton was in the garage at the time). This is my third Commando S. I guess I have a soft spot for those bikes.

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1970 Norton Commando 750S - Stock PhotoSDIM0552 - My second 1970 Norton Commando SSDIM0658 - The Norton Arrives!Norton - Left SideNorton - Right SideSDIM1534_2_3SDIM1537_5_6SDIM1540_38_39b-1.jpgSDIM1543_1_2SDIM8272_3_4 - Norvil RearsetsSDIM8281_2_3 - Norvil RearsetsOne of the famous "Norton Girl" adsClint Eastwood on the Norton 750 Commando SAnother shot of ClintFate of the NortonMe and the 750 Commando S68 Norton P11 (sorry for the crappy Polaroid scan)My old Norton P11 Again - It was in the NOC Calendar for Nov 1987My Old P11 as it is now...Brake Light Microswitch Installed on Rearset Brake Pedal