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In Nov 2006, I dropped the motor out of the 750GT to take care of some oil leaks, mostly from the front cylinder. It's a lovely lump of metal and a fine piece of clockwork. I discovered that the inlet valves had solid rockers and used shim adjusters and the exhaust valve used rockers with screw adjusters. Go figure...

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Front head with inlet rocker removedFront head, exhaust rockerEngine on the benchLoooking into the boreTiming side with alternator rotorDetail of timing sideDetail of timing sideMotor from the rearUnderside of front head showing burnt on oilMotor Primary Drive SidePrimary side detailUnderside of Vertical Cylinder HeadTop of barrel - vertical cylinderUnderside of Vertical Cylinder HeadRear Head Cleaned upFrame awaiting the motorAll back togetherClean as a jelly beanIMG_2726.JPG