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The Hot Rod Revolution event ( was hed in Austin TX on Saturday, 20th Nov 2010. It's an event for pre-1948 cars (and bikes) and over 100 vehicles turned out. There was live music throughout the day and it was a great gathering of fine machinery and good people.

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SDIM2056_7_8 - The Old Power Plant, Site of the EventSDIM1507_8_9.jpgSDIM1510_1_2.jpgSDIM1513_4_5.jpgSDIM1516_7_8.jpgSDIM1519_20_21.jpgSDIM1525_6_7.jpgSDIM1528_29_30.jpgSDIM1534_5_6 - Note the foil-wrapped burrito being warmed...SDIM1537_4 - Nice Texan interiorSDIM1543_4_5.jpgSDIM1546_7_8.jpgSDIM1549_50_51.jpgSDIM1552_3_4.jpgSDIM1555_6_7.jpgSDIM1558_59_60.jpgSDIM1561_2_3.jpgSDIM1564_5_6.jpgSDIM1567_8_9.jpgSDIM1570_1_2.jpg