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BUB Enterprises sponsored motorcycle land speed records trials at the Bonneville Salt Flat in Utah in Sept 2009. Bob, Lou and I attended to see the latest and greatest try their best to go faster than ever before. It was a great event.

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L1040888_89_90 - Indian being scrutineered after a runL1040897_8_9 - Keeping coolSDIM3950.JPGSDIM3951_2_3 - a pair of HondasSDIM3954_5_6 - Don AngelSDIM3957_8_9 - Lambky Liner going homeSDIM3966_7_8 - Vincent Black ShadowSDIM3969_70_71 - Riveted TriumphSDIM3975_6_7 - Vincent Black ShadowSDIM3978_79_80 - Mondial 175 SportSDIM3981_2_3 - Norton powered streamlinerSDIM3984_5_6 - NortonSDIM3987_8_9SDIM3993_4_5 - Tom Mellor's streamliner and Rolls tow vehicleSDIM3996_7_8 - Streamlined TriumphSDIM4002_3_4SDIM4005_6_7 - Nice Moto GuzziSDIM4008_09_10 - GuzziSDIM4011_2_3 - HodakaSDIM4027 - Rocky  Robinson's World Record certification