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I'm trying to learn more about HDR photography. HDR images are created digitally by extracting information from several shots taken at different exposure values, usually a sequence of three images which vary by 2 EV. I am using a piece of software called Photomatix.

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SDIM1520 - Optimzed RAW image, single exposureSDIM1520 - Photomatix HDR imageSDIM1520 - Dynamic-Photo HDRSDIM1526 - Optimized RAW image, single exposureSDIM1528b_HDR - from optimized RAW filesrooftop HDR panoramaSDIM1406 - single exposureSDIM1406 - Photomatrix HDR imageL1040259_5_6_7_8SDIM1532.JPGSDIM1534_2_3.jpgSDIM1535.JPGSDIM1537_5_6.jpgSDIM1538.JPGSDIM1538_39_40.jpgSDIM1541.JPGSDIM1541_2_3.jpgSDIM1544.JPGSDIM1544_5_6.jpgSDIM1993_4_5.jpg