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Friday night there was a benefit dinner in the museum featuring Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling. Cook read a story about riding his old Ducati superbike ("Old Blue") at Daytona. Phil read a piece he had written about the Guzzi V8 GP bike from 1957. At the end of the talk, Mr. Barber presented Cook with an exact replica of Old Blue that the museum had commissioned Rick Lambrechts to create. Cook was stunned. It was a special evening.

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Ticket signed by Cook and Peter EganSDIM0920 - Phil and Cook at the receptionSDIM0919 - Jim and Fred enjoying the drink couponsL1030934 - Peter Egan was there, tooL1040055 - original Guzzi V8 artwork for Phil's articleL1030954 - Phil and CookL1030963 - Cook and PhilL1030971 - Cook, Mr. Barber and PhilL1040003.jpgL1040004 - Brian Slark presents "Deja Blue" to CookL1040043 - Brian, Phil, Rich, Mr. Barber and CookL1040049 - Phil, Brian and CookL1040053- Cook and Vicki SmithSDIM0928 - Cook back the saddleSDIM0932 - Cook looks right at home