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I spent a few days in NYC in Nov 08. I took my camera and played around with some HDR stuff.

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SDIM1550_1_2SDIM1553_4_5Panorama made from the previous two imagesSDIM1562_3_4 - Tricolor Empire State BldgSDIM1565_6_7SDIM1568 - Madison Square ParkSDIM1571SDIM1574 - Flatiron BuildingSDIM1577SDIM1585_3_4 - Times Square at nightSDIM1588SDIM1591_89_90c - Times Square at nightSDIM1600_598_599c.jpgSDIM1601SDIM1609SDIM1610_1_2SDIM1613_4_5SDIM1619_20_21SDIM1625_6_7SDIM1631_2_3 - Madison Square Park